Mike Harrison

Mike started working for Kent Police in 2005 after having an epiphany and deciding that he wanted his family to be proud of him for the work he did, instead of the amount he earned.

After a brief stint with Royal Mail in Oxford, Mike started contracting working for the Nat West Bank on their NT Platform roll out in Kegworth. After being poached for several other projects he ended up working in London where he met his soon-to-be wife. At this time Mike started helping a small team specialising in Java development and through this started working on his own, offering support to local companies in Kent, which soon became his full time job.

After the usual mid-life crisis brought on by having small children, Mike decided that instead of complaining about the state of the world he would try and do something about it. Luckily, Kent Police allowed him to do this.

Mike has received training at the UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham and Wyboston and has recently completed his MSc in Computer Forensics at University College Dublin. His dissertation subject was ‘Forensically sound acquisition methods for Intel based Apple Mac computers’.

In 2007 Mike was been seconded to a Domestic Extremism investigation for two years. This has led to him lecturing at the FBI and the Austrian authorities on the techniques used to combat encryption and data recovery.

Mike has recently been released on a three year secondment to join the National Technical Assistance Centre (NTAC) in London, where as part of a specialist team he provides technical assistance to law enforcement in matters relating to the processing and recovery of protected information and recovering it into intelligible format.

Mike is married and has two children, one of each, who take up most of his time when he is not at work. The family has been joined by a rescue dog which is trying to eat as much of their house as he can.

In any spare time that he has left, Mike has recently taken up growing fruit and veg as a method of unwinding; he also enjoys watching Rugby and Cricket and listening to comedy on the radio. He is keen to develop his raw coding skills into something that is usable and is currently working on dictionary attack software. If this gives him an excuse to spend more time with Apples (not the edible sort) that would make his day.