Is F3 membership based on individuals or organisations?

It is based on organisations. So if you are the only person working in your company it could be either in your case. But if more than one person works there they too become a member by default. You only pay per organisation (and per location), not per person.

For example, your company is called ‘We Do Forensic Work’. F3 will register a new member called ‘We Do Forensic Work’ along with contact details of a named individual. That company could have 1, 2 or 100 members of staff. The membership is still that of ‘We Do Forensic Work’ and only one fee is paid.

How do I qualify for F3 membership?

The qualification for membership is simply that people who are working hands-on in the field of Forensic Computing and allied trades although we do sometimes allow a little latitude on that depending upon circumstances.

In 2009 we expanded our membership criteria a little to allow practitioners to qualify who lecture in forensic computing at Undergraduate level or above. Our eligibility criteria now therefore reads : “F3 members must be working hands on in the field of digital forensics or teaching digital forensics at least at degree level”

As has always been the case, each application is to be considered individually and proof obtained from the Universities concerned that the individual is definitely lecturing as such. As some degrees are pure computing with a “bolt on” forensics module, it is accepted that the lecturer on these modules may be eligible providing a sufficiently technical level of teaching.

I think I qualify for membership. How do I join F3?

Send an e-mail to one of the F3 Committee Members and request membership stating your forensic computing involvement (what work do you do, what tools do you use etc). See the ‘Contact Us’ menu option for this.

My organisation is based across multiple physical sites. Does this effect my F3 membership? Do we have to pay more than once?

Yes. Membership is based on organisation, on a per location basis. So F3 will require two invoicing addresses, but both locations are eligible for membership of F3 assumng they both do digital forensic work.

What is the current cost of annual F3 membership?

Membership is £90 per organisation, per location, spanning from 6 April to 5 April each year.

Payment forms are cheque, BACS, online payment or cash. Steve is the Treasurer so please ask him for details on how to pay using any of these methods. Use the ‘Contact Us’ link.

What is the correct postal address to contact F3?

F3 First Forensic Forum
PO Box 2268
RH20 9BG

Can I have my own user account?

No, not as of August 2012 when single accounts were discarded in favour of one global account, the password of which is e-mailed to each organisations SPOC every few weeks.

I have just joined F3 and paid my annual fee. How do I gain access to the site?

If you have not been told the login password as part of your joining process, contact us stating your name and organisation and the date you paid F3 (because the site administrator will need to check with the treasurer that you have indeed paid). Once checked, you will be e-mailed the details.

Can I have my company mentioned or linked to on the F3 website?

No. The F3 website is a “brochure” for non-members who want to find what F3 is about and for current members to access material, photos etc. It’s not an advertising platform.